FMS Updates (Parenting Talks)

Date: 1 Aug 2014 (Fri)
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Sch Library, 2nd Level

To register:

  1. Please call FMS Co-ordinator, Ms Lena Yap at Tel: 6779-6867 ext 141 OR
  2. Email to

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PSG Updates

Date: 4 Aug 2014 (Mon)
Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Venue: Meeting Rm, Level 1


6.45pm: Dinner
7.00pm: Sharing and Q&A by Ms Rozaina Rusli (HOD Student Welfare)
- Programmes for International Students and students with special needs
8.00pm: Interaction/Discussion with School Management
8.30pm: PSG meeting
- Sharing/Feedback on Racial Harmony Day(22nd July '14)
9.00pm: End

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» Meet-the-Parents Session 29 May 2014



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» Direct School Admission (UGs) - for admission to Secondary One 2015. The application is now open!


» University Education Pathways Beyond 2015 (CUEP)

Starting from March 2012, students from households with gross monthly income of $2,500 and below will be eligible for the FAS.  For households with monthly income in excess of $2,500, students can still be considered for the FAS if there are five or more members in the household (comprising parents, unmarried siblings, grandparents and other dependents) and the per capita income is $625 or less.

For example,
A household, with monthly income of $2800, has 5 members staying in the same place.
The family members are father, mother, grandfather, the child and another sibling.
Its per capita income would be $2800/ 5 = $560.
This household will qualify for the FAS.

FAS recipients are not required to pay school fees and standard miscellaneous fees. FAS recipients are also eligible for free textbooks and school attire.

Please approach the school general office for the application form and further information.

It is the Humanities department's belief that every parent/guardian is a supportive partner of the school. On the morning of 19 July, the school's Humanities Department organised a sharing session for parents/guardians of Secondary 1 students. Ms Elissa Goh, the school's Level Head for Humanities conducted the session. Also present were Mrs Chua-Teo Ting Ting (Vice-Principal) and Mr Tan Say Pin (Head-of-Department for Humanities). The session provided an opportunity for parents/guardians to gain a clearer and deeper understanding of the revised assessment criteria in alignment to the focus on Inquiry-Based Learning for both History and Geography at the Lower Secondary level.

From the 15 to 20th of June, a group of key personnel, led by Mrs Chua, one of the school’s vice-principal visited Xiamen City of Fujian Province. The province is located along the south-eastern coast of the People’s Republic of China.

One education goal is to develop 21st century competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities amongst students. This visit provided the team many networking opportunities to explore possibilities towards achieving the goal.

It was a most enriching learning journey as they had the opportunity to learn from different groups including educators and students of different levels, museum docents and the management team of a private corporation involved in cartoon-production.

In the midst of a busy schedule, the participants did not forget to immense themselves in the local culture of morning exercise, food and the arts. It was indeed, a holistic experience for all!

Below, are excerpts from the reflections of each participants;

Ms Siow Xing Yu:
‘You will when you want to'. This is really what I gathered during my conversation with students in the schools we visited. Students really show a heightened sense of self-directedness. For example, I learnt that they take the initiative to learn a software or skill so as to be able participate actively in the activity they are interested in, rather than wait to learn something from the activity.

Mrs Mabel Fong:
Although class sizes vary from 48 to 56 students and are considered large by Singapore standards, the students I observed were well-disciplined. They paid attention in class, did their homework and were also punctual for all lessons, including PE. This can be attributed to a strong school culture that has been established through very purposeful planning and cascaded through the curriculum.

Ms Tham Jing Quan:
Visiting the schools reinforced my belief that empowerment develops a sense of ownership, independence and spirit of excellence. Through my interaction with the teachers and students, empowerment comes with proper guidance, mentorship and clear articulation of ground rules, goals and outcomes.

Mr Tan Say Pin:
The sense of school culture is prevalent in each of the schools we visited. To forge a culture, an organisation needs clear directions from leaders and genuine ownership by teachers and students. For example, the 5-step strategic roadmap we learnt and the “talking” walls we saw are complementary, not competing with each other.

Mrs Chia Su May:
Visiting the Tan Kah Kee Memorial Hall was a moving experience for me. Mr Tan’s vision, spirit and contribution especially to education continued even after his passing. His legacy inspired me greatly.

Mrs Chua Ting Ting:
Singapore has been sharing its expertise of governance and building of infrastructure with China for many years. The modelling of Xiamen City after Singapore’s city development is an example of how a tiny nation like Singapore can exercise its “soft power” far beyond her shore. Singapore needs to continue to reinvent itself so that we can stay ahead and not risk being over-taken by others.

Congratulations to our alumna Ms Olivia Teng (Class 2010) for being awarded Course Medalist (Diploma in Architecture) at Singapore Polytechnic in 2014.

On the morning of 8th July, a Singaporean marathoner, better known by his moniker “Blade Runner” spoke to our students and staff during the morning assembly. Mr Shariff, who runs with a prosthetic blade, has participated in countless marathons held both locally and overseas.

Born without a left leg and given away from young, Mr Shariff's story of overcoming all odds and running (no pun intended) after his dream, was an inspiration to a captive audience.

We were further touched when Mr Shariff shared several other personal incidents in his life which he had to deal with. These included his narrow shave at the 2013 Boston Marathon where the first explosion took place less than a kilometre away from him.

Mr Shariff's parting words to his new-found fans was "Stay healthy. Think positive". Indeed, his iron will and positive mindset was something that all of us can emulate and learn from.

The school wishes him all the best for his future endeavour including participation at the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon 2015 in Nepal. This is Mr Shariff's personal gift to Singapore as part of the nation's 50th anniversary celebrations.


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